This past week of food adventures - home made + out & about

Here's to another week of delicious food adventures - both home made as well as from restaurants in Melbourne.

Warning: the following images may induce hunger and cravings. Viewer discretion is advised, especially if viewing late at night.

Starting with dessert at the Laurent cafe at the Chaddy branch. Chololate ganache, mini macarons, coconut and raspberry and cake filling. 

Then jumping to the morning after hangover food at the Pancake Parlour. Pancakes, whipped butter, eggs and bacon. Need I say more?

Jumping over to the Japanese side of things. Unagi don at Uzu in Caulfield. The unagi was delicious, but I still cannot believe the rice was soggy. Hmph. Don't skimp on the rice!! :(

This baby still saved the day. Otherwise, I would have been very unhappy. 

Now for fruity chocolates that look like Drawing/Colouring Chalks from HappyLab! Love the presentation of this little box! Plus, they were yummy too. My favourite one was the lychee flavour (far right, baby pink color).

My home made spicy fish stew with caramelised leeks and cucumber.

And lastly, last night's late night dinner: A warm salad of tuna, tomatoes and green beans in a brown butter and balsamic reduction. Crackers on the side. Yum!


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  1. food porn! great now im hungry....